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Bezel: The removable plastic trim or metal faceplate or front panel of a slot, such as the frame of a TV or Radio.  Bezel can be found through an automobile.

Bezel – Radio Climate: A bezel found in the dashboard of a vehicle that includes a slot for both the radio controls and the climate controls.

Bezel – Radio: A bezel found in the dashboard of a vehicle that only includes a slot for the radio without room for the climate controls.

Bezel- Climate: A bezel found in the dashboard of a vehicle that only includes a slot for the climate controls.  May or may not include air vents.

Bezel – Shift Floor: A bezel found typically near the center console of a vehicle that includes the slot for the gear selector assembly.

Boot: The fabric or rubber cover that encases the gear selector.  Additionally boots can be found as part of the steering column bezel and trim pieces.

Cargo Cover: A hard or soft retractable cover that either folds or rolls out over the rear cargo storage area of an SUV or hatchback vehicle to privately conceal the cargo, keep your belongings secure and out of sight of would be the thieves.

Overhead Console: The console that is found in the ceiling of a vehicle that typically includes the map lights.  Overhead Consoles can also include things such as storage compartments, sun roof switch, rear climate controls, Homelink (garage doors, gates, lights) controls and Bluetooth modules.

Sun Visor: The fold down visors that can be found on both the driver and passenger side of a vehicle.  Often they include vanity mirrors and can also have lights, extending panels, adjustable arms and Homelink controls. Car manufacturers have been known to add even microphones to sun visors.

Manual Climate Control: Climate controls that can only be increased or decreased manually

Auto Climate Control: Climate Controls that can be set to a certain temperature and will raise and will adjust the heat output accordingly to maintain a certain temperature range.  Sometimes can be controlled through dedicated traditional knobs or can also be controlled digitally through some vehicles with Nav units.

Navigation Unit: Also called NAV. A vehicle that has a digital navigation system integrated into the Radio bezel with a digital screen.  Often times the radio and climate settings can be controlled through the navigation interface digitally.