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About Us

An opportunity evolved for Ekus Parts, LLC to sell hard to order and find interior parts that are typically ending up in our overflowing crammed landfills.  Customers have always been frustrated when trying to purchase recycle trim bezels or cargo covers and even sun visors. OE dealers offered very expensive interior parts but usually these parts are on backorder for months. Ekus Parts provides a great online experience for hard to find interior parts.  We started Ekus Parts to fill a void in the replacement part industry and to help protect our environment.  We found that many buyers want affordable original replacement parts for their vehicles. 

Late model recycle automotive interior parts have shown increasingly elevated demand for the past 10 years saving the consumer hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs or upgrades to their vehicle.  Providing a quality recycle part has tremendous benefit not only for the end user but also to our world environment that has been depleted of natural resources. The industry calls these type of parts “fluff” since the plastic, cloth, leather and foam once crushed have a fluffy appearance.  United States automotive recyclers have come to realize they need to remove more parts because of the high cost of acquiring distressed vehicles in today’s salvage markets.  With the increase ease and popularity of eCommerce, recyclers now harvest these parts to meet and create additional demand for their products from Do It Yourselfers (DIYers) and other end-users. Ten years ago recyclers had only their local clientele but now can reach millions using website tools and online market channels.

Now the question is how does all this happen? Automotive Recyclers purchase vehicles to dismantle based on customer demand and requests. They are experts at delivering major assemblies of vehicles to the collision repair industry. There are other automotive recyclers that have created a different selling model like self-service, allowing the consumer to remove their own parts at their local facility.  These processes don’t take into account “interior parts”. In fact the current standard practice for dismantling process destroys many of the interior parts.

This is where Ekus Parts come into the picture.  There are many parts available on a vehicle that can be supplied to customers like you that will save real dollars.  Over the past 10 years Ekus Parts has become one of the experts in our industry offering late model interior parts.  We have selected a handful of interior parts that can be purchased in bulk and put through meticulous merchandizing process.  Why don’t other recyclers do this?  They could but they are focus on selling major components of their distressed vehicles. These major components must sell quickly for the recycler to profit from their purchases.  Plus, selling major components is their core business; their facilities and training are designed for removal and storage of assemblies, and they are well connected to the collision repair industry. 

To start, Ekus Parts selected eBay to sale its products. There are a number of reasons why.  EBay provides technology expertise and knowledge so buyers and sellers are protected from interruptions while transacting on the internet. They provide millions of verified and aspiring buyers and quick and easy payments systems for customers once an order is placed.  Also some help with mitigation on service issues. 

Now we have opened our state of the art webstore where all our parts are available for sale.  Ekus parts still provides the same knowledge, expertise and easy payment solutions as other online markets.  Not to mention the best customer care in the business.  By using our shop by vehicle widget on our site, you can find all the late model interior parts Ekus Parts has available for your vehicles. 

Current Product Line

·         Bezel s –plastic front dash trim bezels that surround radios, climate controls and speedometers. Shift and floor bezels that surrounds consoles and other items in between the front seats.

o   Bezel – Radio Climate: A bezel found in the dashboard of a vehicle that includes a slot for both the radio controls and the climate controls.

o   Bezel – Radio only: A bezel found in the dashboard of a vehicle that only includes a slot for the radio without room for the climate controls.

o   Bezel- Climate only: A bezel found in the dashboard of a vehicle that only includes a slot for the climate controls.  May or may not include air vents.

o   Bezel – Shift Floor: A bezel found typically near the center console of a vehicle that includes the slot for the gear selector assembly.

·         Cargo Covers – rear retractable security private shades that are manufactured from most SUVs, station wagons and other vehicles.

·         Overhead Console – interior roof top driver accessible devices that can control lights, sunroofs, climate, compass, outside temperature, garage door, and other features of the automobile.

·         Sun visors – located above the windshield of every vehicle that provides shade from the sun rays while driving. Visors my included lights, mirrors, Homelink, Bluetooth and other features.